Hurricane Irma Debris Removal Information
The Board of Directors and Management Company are working with appropriate vendors and county officials to address storm damage:  trees, fences, electrical issues, and area ponds (including Brighton).  We truly appreciate everyone's eyes and ears - letting us know what still needs to be addressed.
Seminole County began collecting debris from Hurricane Irma on September 26th.  Please be patient and follow the County's Hurricane Debris Removal Plan. Bag small items such as leaves, palm fronds, clippings and pine cones and place larger items curbside for the County to pick up.  Please do not drop your debris in other areas of our community as this could create a fire hazard and attract animals and mosquitoes.  If you prefer not to wait and wish to remove the items yourself the County has four free drop-off locations: 
250 Yankee Lake Road, Sanford
4350 Bedford Road, Sanford
2841 Cameron Avenue, Sanford
3540 Dike Road, Winter Park    
Please refer to the Seminole County Hurricane Irma Debris Removal Website for additional debris removal information.  For information on how to properly prepare your debris for pick up the County has provide this instructional video
Again, we ask for your patience as the County removes the debris caused by Hurricane Irma.  It's going to take another week or so, but following the County's plan will ensure everyone's safety.
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